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Please detail ALL income including wages from employment and/or tax credits
Please detail ALL income including wages from employment and/or tax credits
Complete Only If You Are A Student (A Guarantor Is Required If You Are A Student)
Complete Only If You Are Retired Or Self Employed
Terms and Conditions 1. Administration / Legal Fees There is no charge for Administration Fee. Charges for reference checks, credit checks and inventory fees from the tenants are considered Premium Fees and illegal by legislation in Scotland. 2. Part Deposit Advance A part deposit advance of £200 is payable on application per person applying for the property. This payment ensures that Rockford Properties will not carry out any further viewings whilst your application is being processed. This amount will convert to a partial security deposit when the Tenant is approved, signs the lease and takes occupancy. 3. References We will check references based on the details that you have supplied to us. These references may be passed to the Landlord so that he/she can make a decision on granting a tenancy. You are responsible for any administration charges levied by your own bank or landlord in relation to obtaining a reference. 4. Deposit A deposit equivalent to at least one months’ rent must be paid in cleared funds when you sign the Tenancy Agreement along with an additional £75 per person on the lease. The Tenancy Deposit Regulations require the Landlord to pay the Deposit into a Tenancy Deposit scheme within 30 working days of commencement of the tenancy and provide the Tenant with certain information. Any interest payable will be retained by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The Tenancy Agreement entered into is between the Landlord and the Tenant and, therefore, the Tenant cannot hold Rockford Properties liable for any deductions made from the deposit which may be in dispute. 5. Payment Of Rent The rent is payable by standing order to be paid on the due date as stated in the Tenancy Agreement. This means that the standing order must be set up so that the funds leave your account three days before the rent is due. 6. Inventory Condition Report An Inventory Condition Report will be supplied for this let. The Tenant shall check the contents of the premises within 7 days of the date of commencement Of the lease and shall notify Rockford Properties in writing of any discrepancies. If the Tenant fails to notify Rockford Properties timeously, then the tenant shall be deemed to accept the Inventory as evidence of the existence and condition of said contents. 7. Late Or Non-Payment In the event the Tenant fails to pay the rent within five days of the date on which it fell due and the Landlord/Agent requires to issue a reminder or reminders, then the Tenant shall pay the cost of issuing said reminder or reminders being £10 per occurrence. 8. Utilities You will be responsible for the payment of electricity, gas and telephone bills at the property during your tenancy, as well as the council tax. It is your responsibility to notify the relevant companies and the local authority that you are moving into/ out of the property. You are also responsible for ensuring that a valid television licence is secured for the duration of the tenancy. DECLARATION We will use the information provided to us by third parties to make decisions about your application. Agencies may supply to us, public information and/or fraud prevention information. Information provided to Rockford Properties may be supplied to other organisations and used by them and us to A. Verify your identity for this application and if you apply for other facilities including all types of insurance applications and claims. B. Check all or any of the application details which have been submitted. C. Assist organisations to make decisions on tenancy applications by you. By confirming your agreement to proceed you are accepting that we may use your information in this way and you agree to accept the appropriate fees and charges as detailed within this document. I confirm that the above information is accurate and that I have received read and understood Rockford Properties Terms and Conditions. I accept in signing this document I am legally bound by the entire contents of Rockford Properties Application and Terms and Conditions.