Run Your Own Business

Ambitious? Like to run your own business? We’re offering a unique opportunity to run a successful Property Management business with a flexible capital structure. Trading under the Rockford name you will benefit from the equity and experience of our brand, while retaining any profits made in your territory. You will also benefit from training and full support from our Head Office.

Joint Venture Partnership Local Knowledge, National Support

Whether you operate from home, the high street or serviced offices, your clients will benefit from your local knowledge as well as the full support of our strong national infrastructure. You will be responsible for decision making in your local branch whilst receiving training, support and all the materials required to run a successful property management business.

Small Budget, Ample Support

To avoid the need for a large local structure and to minimise your operating costs, Rockford provides centralised IT, legal, finance and marketing support, while our Call Centre will help programme your viewings and meetings. Our centralised Accounts Centre handles all online payments and money transfers, leaving you free to generate more business and increase your revenue.

Flexible Partnership

If you’re ambitious and passionate about property management, our flexible Partnership structure could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. It enables you to enter the business at any level of partnership, with different levels of investment. Rockford is committed to creating a profitable organisation based on trust, professionalism and efficient practice. If you share our values and want to run your own business with the freedom to focus on your customers, become a Rockford partner. Our centralised resources and national experience will help you provide a truly exceptional service, giving you an edge over yourcompetition.


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